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Sectech Limited

Sectech is a leading provider of Capital Markets Technology Solutions and Operations Consulting to the emerging markets. Relying on its deep industry knowledge, technological capabilities and service excellence, Sectech helps its clients across 12 countries, master the escalating complexity of customer, business and regulatory requirements.

Sectech has products in the areas of Securities Custody, Settlements, SWIFT Messaging, Assets Servicing, Pension Fund Contribution Processing, Benefits Administration, Fund Accounting, Fund Compliance, Unit Trust and other areas.

Since 1998, Sectech has implemented its solutions for a variety of financial institutions. The company has been a recipient of technology awards and has been featured in several industry publications.

Sectech has its own state-of-the-art development centre in Mumbai, India. The development team includes some of the best technology and capital market experts, who have proven their capabilities to our clients time and again.

Our Leadership Team
Khalid Mukhtar, Director and Co-founder
Anurag Gupta, Director and Co-founder

Khalid has a number of years of banking experience in the fields of audit, technology management and banking operations. In 2009, Khalid was inducted into the Global Custody Hall of Fame, for his outstanding contributions to the securities services industry.


During his previous career with Citibank Khalid has worked in various countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and was responsible for providing operations and technology support to Citibank branches in Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

Anurag has extensive experience in the field of Capital Markets Technology. Prior to setting up Sectech he worked at Citibank in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa as part of their world wide securities services organisation.

He has extensive experience designing, developing and rolling out solutions in custody, securities settlements, SWIFT messaging, asset servicing and related securities areas.

Govind Gupta, Director
Charles Stevens, Head of Consulting

Govind is an experienced senior banker and comes to Sectech with vast banking/management experience. Before joining Sectech he was General Manager, Operations, of a large Indian bank with around 2000 branches across the country.

Govind is a Director of Sectech Pvt Limited, India.

Charles has over 30 years of experience in the securities industry in Asia, Europe and Africa. He was inducted into the Global Custodian Magazines Hall of Fame for his contribution to the securities services industry. 

Charles has proven expertise in the fields of Global Custody network management, Pension fund custody, Trust administration, Private banking, Funds administration and Fund management back office.

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